The easiest way to transfer 2FA to a new device would be to disable your existing 2FA, and then re-enabling a new 2FA with your new device. 

To disable your existing 2FA, you would be required to enter the 6 digit code from your existing 2FA. Hence, this method can only be done if you still have access to your existing Google Authenticator app.

Another method is to save the recovery code which can be generated from your Two-Factor Authentication section. And then entering the code into your new device. Please note that if someone gains access to your recovery code, they will be able to access your Google 2FA codes. If you decide to use this method, be very sure nobody else sees this code.

If you have to setup a new 2FA because your device is lost or spoilt; and you do not have the recovery code, you will need to contact our Customer Support Representative to reset your 2FA. Please note that users will require to go through a verification process to reset 2FA which may take some time. 

We highly recommend that users reset their 2FA as soon as they get their replacement devices to avoid being blocked out their own accounts for too long.