You can withdraw assets in two ways:

Method 1: External Withdrawal

Withdraw your tokens to other platforms.

1. Go to Wallet and find the tokens you want to withdraw.

2. Click Send and select the network you wish to withdraw to.

Please ensure that the recipient and sender networks match; otherwise, your assets may be lost.

3. Fill in the destination wallet address, network, and Memo tag or Destination tag (if available) before clicking Send.

The comment field should be used solely for recording the transaction and is not mandatory to fill in.

If you are sending tokens that require a Destination Tag / Memo Tag, such as XRP, XLM, USTC, UST, LUNC, LUNA, HBAR, or BNB on the BEP2 chain, please ensure to enter the Destination Tag / Memo Tag correctly in the designated field. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the assets you are sending.

4. Once you confirm the withdrawal through the application, the system will prompt you to enter the 2FA code to proceed. After that, you will receive a withdrawal confirmation email.

5. After confirming the withdrawal via email, the status will change to Complete when the withdrawal process is finished.

Method 2: Internal Withdrawal

Send your tokens to Bitazza users without any fees.

1. Go to Wallet and find the tokens you want to withdraw.

2. Click Send and choose the recipient as Bitazza ID and enter the recipient's Bitazza ID or email along with the amount to be withdraw.

Please double-check the recipient's email or Bitazza ID thoroughly.

3. Click Send, and the system will ask you to enter the 2FA code to proceed. Once the withdrawal is complete, the screen will show the transaction confirmation.