1. Go to the Wallet menu and select the token you want to deposit. Then click on Receive.

If you want to deposit a token that you haven't transacted before, it will be under the section Unfunded Accounts at the bottom.

2. Click on Select an option under the Network header to choose the network that matches the source from which you want to deposit. Both the sender and receiver must use the same network.

3. Once you select the network, the QR Code and Wallet Address will be displayed for you to make the deposit immediately.

To copy the Wallet Address accurately, we recommend using the Copy button on the right-hand side.

For some tokens such as XRP, XLM, LUNC, and LUNA,  in addition to the Wallet Address, you may also need to copy Destination Tag or Memo Tag. Please make sure to copy both pieces of information correctly. Otherwise, your tokens may be lost.