Enabling Google 2FA is a straightforward process and greatly enhances the security of your Bitazza account.

To enable 2FA on your Bitazza account, follow these steps:

1. Log in and click on your account email at the top-right of the website.

2. Select Profile & Security and turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

3. The screen will display a 2FA setup page where you can scan a QR code with Google Authenticator or Authy application.

4. Enter the code generated by your Google Authenticator or Authy to complete the process.

Do not delete the authenticator application because you need to enter the 2FA code once a day. The 6-digit code changes every 30 seconds, so please ensure that you enter it on time!

For the security of your account, do not share the 2FA setup Key or QR code with anyone. Keep this information confidential to protect your account.