The Velo network is a blockchain-based financial protocol that enables digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfers using a smart contract system. VELO is the utility token of the Velo protocol that is used to mint digital credits that enable Velo Labs to disrupt the entire worldwide remittance market. By acting as a bridge asset that easily connects the real world and the digital world, VELO tokens facilitate direct and trustless transfers to people worldwide by using digital credits that are pegged one-to-one with any fiat currency. In addition to remittance scenarios, the Velo Network will also include a broader range of financial services, including a global payment gateway and CeDeFi lending. VELO has a total supply of 30 billion, of which only 200 million are allocated to go to exchanges around the world. 

**Disclaimer: VELO token listed the Bitazza platform runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, the price may differ from VELO on Stellar blockchain. Therefore, it is not advisable for arbitrage**

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