MANA is the native token that fuels the economy of the Decentraland ecosystem. It not only functions as a digital currency that can be used to trade for goods and services within the virtual world, but it also gives each holder voting privileges within the Decentraland DAO. Asides from being used for governance and as a unit of exchange between players, MANA is burned to acquire Non-fungible LAND tokens. 

Decentraland is the first-ever shared virtual world owned by its users that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As one of the key players in the emerging Metaverse, Decentraland makes it possible for users to create, interact, and monetize content and applications in the rapidly growing and interconnected virtual world. LAND on Decentraland functions essentially as digital real estate and can be developed by players into interactive games, provide LAND-based goods and services, or even monetize their LAND through leasing and advertisements opportunities. Not only does MANA have a built-in burning mechanism and is essential for LAND ownership, but MANA is also used to purchase additional avatars, wearables, and more on the Decentraland marketplace. 

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