Pay trading fees with BTZ and get discounts up to 70%!

One of the best ways to use BTZ! Reduce your trading fee to ONLY 0.063% from the original trading fee at 0.25%! Just turn on the “Use BTZ to pay for fees” feature using the toggle in the app to start saving on every trade. Check out your “Bitazza Levels” rank to see how much YOU can save! Learn more about BTZ and the ecosystem it powers here:

All your trading fees will be deducted from the BTZ tokens in your wallet until your BTZ balance is depleted. If your BTZ tokens are insufficient, standard fees will apply.

Disclaimer: The BTZ token is developed by Bitazza group company. Thus there could be potential conflicts of interest between group companies. Due to the nature of the volatility and the potential loss in crypto investment, it is essential to gain knowledge and learn the background information of all types of digital assets before making crypto investments within your acceptable risk level.