Terra is a blockchain designed for algorithmic stablecoins that aims to repair an inefficient payments industry.

The platform, which uses fiat-pegged stablecions to power price-stable global payments systems, help usher in a new era of stablecion adaption in Asia with almost $2 billion in stablecoin circulation. Terra's native token, LUNA, holders are also building use cases of stablecions in the real world with one of the largest e-commerce platforms like TMON with 10 million users and $3.5 billion in GMV.

Terra's stablecoins are now widely used in protocols built around the Terra ecosystem. Mirror protocol allows UST to be used to mint, provide liquidity, and trade synthetic assets like mirrored TSLA, GOOG, AMZN, and many more. Its new savings protocol, Anchor, will also allow users to part their stablecoins for predictable yields as high per annum. As the Terra ecosystem grows to include more use cases, its native utility token LUNA will be in higher demand as it is as the core of the mechanism used to keep the stablecoins stable and usable.

Due to a major event involving the Terra (LUNA) token that could potentially impact your investments, please read the article titled The summary of Luna – Celsius – 3AC before making any investment decisions.

More information here https://www.terra.money/