BTZ Token Staking

Bitazzans, get ready. BTZ Staking is almost here!

Take the first and exclusive seats in our BTZ Ecosystem by safely locking up your BTZ for 40%, with a limited Total Value Lock of 3 Million (1% of our total BTZ supply). With the Founder's Pool, you'll join us as Founding Bitazzans to witness our Bitazza Utopia take a direction into our vision of the future.You've been earning and accumulating your BTZs, now let them grow in our hands, as we grow our community together.

Founder’s Pool campaign allows any interested participants to stake up to 3,000 BTZ for a fixed 1-year lock up term from the first day of locking, without affecting the Bitazza Level status. The total amount of BTZ will be capped at 3 Million BTZ. Participants will receive an annual yield of 40% which will be calculated automatically.

The Staking feature on the Bitazza Mobile App will be launched shortly. Bitazza users may participate right from the App.

After the Founder’s Pool campaign is completed, Bitazza will be rolling out more staking campaigns with regular APY. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity.

What is Staking?

  • Staking means locking a token for a period of time in return for APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

Who can participate?

  • All BTZ token holders can join and Stake BTZs with us!


Does my Bitazza Level matter?

  • Users and partners at all Bitazza Levels can participate in staking BTZ

What’s in it for me?

  • 40% Annual Percentage Yield on the BTZ that has been locked up for the entire staking period.

How Much  Can I Stake?

  • Maximum BTZ allowable per account is 3000 BTZ. The Total Value Lock for Founder’s Pool will be limited at 3 Million BTZ

How long is the period?

  • 1 year from the lock up date

If I changed my mind, can I withdraw my BTZ before the 1-year period is completed?

  • You will not be able to withdraw before the 1 year period is completed. The amount of BTZ staked will be locked for the full length of 1-year period from the date of participation.

What’s the next step?

  • After the founder’s pool is finished, Bitazza will launch more campaigns for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months Staking periods in the future.

Do I receive reward for staking all in one go at the end of the staking period, or do I receive BTZ reward periodically over time?

  • The reward will be calculated automatically and periodically over time.

Do I have to claim rewarded BTZ, or is it automatically added to my wallet?

  • All participants may check the latest amount in the BTZ tab inside the Mobile App.

Can I stake more than once (if still under 3000 BTZ limit)?

  • Yes, you may participate as many times as you wish as long as the amount is not exceeding 3000 BTZ. 

Will the BTZ I stake impact my Bitazza Level?

  • Your Bitazza Level will remain the same. Your Bitazza level is determined by the total amount of BTZ you hold, including BTZ that is locked up for staking.

Is BTZ staking the same as Crypto Staking?

  • Unlike Crypto Staking that maintains and enables the operations of Proof-of-Stake based blockchains, BTZ Staking is merely to allow Bitazza users to grow interest in the BTZ they already hold.

What is BTZ?

BTZ is Bittaza’s core digital utility token issued by Bitazza to allow users to exchange their BTZ for products or services on the Bitazza platform. Users can use their BTZ to pay for fees incurred on the Bitazza platform at a special discounted rate, as well as redeem BTZ for in-app and real life rewards.

Users can also opt to accumulate BTZ instead of spending it in order to earn greater rewards. The total amount of BTZ in a user’s wallet will determine their Bitazza Level tier, the referral income share, vote count, as well as the level of personal customer support.

As a Utility Token, BTZ is not designed for investment purposes, however the value of the token may increase as demand for the platform’s offerings expand. 

BTZ is treated as a non-renewable resource, with Bitazza using its own profits to burn BTZ, permanently removing it from the circulating supply. 

BTZ runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard. 

BTZ Ecosystem

BTZ is the token that fuels the operation and development of the Bitazza ecosystem that is built upon the integration of the Bitazza platform and our network of partners, merchants, and more. 

All BTZ holders can participate in growing the ecosystem by taking part in a number of rapidly growing roles including:

Traders: Use your BTZ to pay for trading fees on the Bitazza platform at a special discounted rate

Investors/Stakers: Accumulate BTZ and lock your tokens with Bitazza for a limited time to strengthen BTZ token economics, and in return, earn more BTZ as interest on whatever you’ve staked

Yield Farmers: Temporarily lend BTZ to earn interest bearing yields

Liquidity Providers: Provide liquidity and earn BTZ in return

Payment Partners: Compulsory use of BTZ for crypto payments

Ecosystem Wallet Partners: Compulsory use of BTZ for ecosystem wallet transactions