If you cannot find a trading order, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. Your funds might be insufficient to create a trading order, or the quantity of tokens you have may not be enough to place an order. The system will notify you of insufficient funds at the bottom of the screen.

Please ensure that your trading order has a value greater than the minimum trading amount of 350 Thai Baht.

If you attempt to trade with exactly 350 Thai Baht, the order may still indicate insufficient funds. This could be because token prices are constantly changing during trading hours. Prices may fluctuate to a point where your funds are inadequate to make a purchase or drop below the minimum required for selling. To resolve this, please try the action again or slightly increase the order value to accommodate price fluctuations.

2. Your order has been fully matched and has moved from the Pending Orders column to the Matched Orders section. This may cause you to not see the particular trading order.

You can review matched orders from the lower part of the graph, accessible from the Buy/Sell page, Transaction page, or the latest listings column on the Dashboard.

3. It could be due to an abnormality in your account or the system during that period. Notifications such as Exceeds_Daily_Limit or Account_Frozen may appear. If you encounter these messages, please contact our Customer Relations team immediately for us to promptly investigate.