If you have ever been unable to withdraw Thai Baht or encountered other transaction issues simply because you didn't receive a withdrawal confirmation email from Bitazza, today Bitazza provides you with 5 solutions!

  1.  Internet Connection The most common issue is internet connectivity. To avoid this problem, find a stable internet connection.

  2. Check the Wrong Email If you have multiple email addresses, you might overlook checking the correct one. Bitazza sends withdrawal confirmation emails only to the email registered with Bitazza. Make sure you check the inbox associated with your Bitazza account.

  3. Trash and Spam Folders Your email filters might place our withdrawal confirmation email in the trash or spam folders. Please check these folders to ensure whether the confirmation email is there.

  4. Full Inbox Your email storage might be full, preventing our withdrawal confirmation email from reaching you. Please free up space in your email, then cancel the withdrawal and proceed again.

  5. Tried Everything If you have tried all the methods and still haven't received the withdrawal confirmation email, please contact our customer relations team via Live Chat or email support@bitazza.com for further assistance.