1INCH is the native governance and utility token of the 1inch Network used in the 1inch liquidity protocol as a connector to achieve high-efficiency routing. The 1INCH token also allows holders to vote directly on all current and future protocol parameters with no minimum threshold for holders to participate. The 1inch Network is made up of a growing collection of DeFi protocols and services, including 1inch’s decentralized exchange aggregator that connects over 50 decentralized exchanges onto one platform so users can find the best prices; as well as 1inch’s Liquidity Protocol, a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) that is one of the most and efficient and secure protocols in the DeFi space. By pooling together the liquidity of the DeFi sector, as well as providing a native source of liquidity via its own liquidity protocol, 1inch is bringing greater liquidity, lower prices, and more convenience to the entire DeFi ecosystem. The 1INCH token has a total token supply of 1.5 Billion 

More information here https://1inch.io/