1. Go to the Wallet tab, select Crypto, and click on the Deposit button.

2. Choose the Crypto and Network you want to deposit, and click on Next.

3. Then, click on the Deposit address to display the QR Code and wallet address for depositing the Crypto. You can either scan the QR Code or copy the wallet address to deposit.

For XRP / XLM / USTC / UST / LUNC / LUNA / HBAR / BNB on BEP2 chain deposits, an additional field called the Destination Tag is required. The Destination Tag is used to determine what account a given transaction should be assigned and credited to.

Always ensure to include the correct Destination Tag before sending your XRP / XLM / USTC / UST / LUNC / LUNA / HBAR / BNB on BEP2 chain deposit. Leaving out this information will lead to significant delays in crediting the transaction to your account, and can be irretrievable in certain cases.

The transfer duration may take up to an hour depending on where you are depositing the funds. Depositing from an exchange may take longer as it will require internal processing confirmations from the exchange's network.