To start your KYC verification process, you will be required to login to Bitazza application or website from your mobile with Google Chrome or safari browser. 

To complete your KYC process, please follow the steps below.

1. On application, click at Verify Now.

2. Select your nationality.  

3. Read Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

4. Select your preferred document.

4.1 If you prefer NFC e-Passport, please follow the instructions below: 

4.2 When the screen displays Ready to Scan, please refrain from moving your device until the screen shows Document read successfully.

If your device does not support NFC, please proceed to follow the next set of instructions manually.

5. Take a photo of your passport.

 6. Take a selfie of yourself.7. Fill out your information.

8. Fill out your permanent address, current address, occupation, and workplace address.

9. Upload your additional documents.

10. Answer more questions.

*FATCA stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. It is a law enacted by the United States with the primary objective of preventing U.S. citizens from evading taxes by holding financial accounts and making investments outside of the United States. This is achieved through the requirement for foreign financial institutions to report information about their U.S. account holders to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS).For further details about FATCA, you can visit the website

We recommend you to review the question and provide an answer truthfully.

11. Finished! Your KYC verification will be approved within 1-3 days, and you will be notified promptly via email. Once you receive the approval email, please proceed to complete the test in order to activate your account.